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House of Elrick Gin, 42%, 70 cl.


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Yderligere information

Nestled in the lowlands of Aberdeenshire, the House of Elrick estate is a home rich in history. Built at the height of the Scottish Enlightenment period in 1720, our home hosted lively discussions from some of the most respected creative, philosophical and scientific minds of the time. Today we work to restore her walls and welcome you to join us once again.

Our hand crafted, artisan gin is one of the finest available. Botanicals hand-picked by our Master of Gin are a complement of juniper, coriander seeds, angelica root and citrus peel, built around a core of heather, pink peppercorns, sweet fennel and rose petals. As refreshing as it is aromatic, it is the only spirit made with the freshest water from Loch Ness. The resulting taste profile provides a fresh, yet earthy, bold infusion of flavours that can be enjoyed on ice or as part of a beautifully crafted cocktail.


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House of Elrick Gin, 42%, 70 cl.

House of Elrick Gin, 42%, 70 cl.